구글 GBuy 테스트 빠르면 이번 주 런칭

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Internet search engine Google Inc. is set to introduce a test version of its online-payment service as early as this week, The Wall Street Journal reporting, citing people briefed on the situation.

To attract customers, Google plans to offer an unspecified rebate to people who make online purchases using the service, known as Gbuy, the Journal said.

The service, which would challenge payment options by Ebay Inc.’s PayPal and others, has been expected for several months, the newspaper said.

구글이 빠르면 이번 주 내에 온라인 지불 서비스인 GBuy를 런칭할 준비가 되었다. 소비자의 관심을 끌기 위해서 구글은 GBuy로 알려진 이 온라인 지불 서비스를 이용해서 지불하는 사람들에게 약간의 리베이트를 제공하는 것을 계획하고 있다고 월스트리트저널이 보도했다. 이 보도에 따르면 이베이의 페이팔이나 다른 유사 업체와의 치열한 경쟁이 예상되는 이 서비스는 벌써 몇 달째 런칭을 기대받아 왔다.

Google Gets Ready to Test GBuy, A New Online-Payment Option

For years, consumers who didn’t want to give Web merchants their credit-card information faced limited options when it came to making purchases online. This week, consumers could get access to another electronic-payment option — and one that offers a mail-in rebate incentive to boot.

Web-search giant Google Inc. is set to introduce a test version of its GBuy online-payment service as early as this week, according to people briefed on the situation. The service, which would challenge eBay Inc.’s PayPal online-payment service and others, has been expected for several months. To attract consumers, Google plans to offer an unspecified rebate to people who complete online purchases using GBuy, according to one person briefed on the company’s plans.

Here is how the service will work: Consumers who search for items like shoes or strollers on Google’s search site will see text ads with a symbol or icon designating advertisers that accept GBuy payments. Shoppers normally would have clicked on an ad and been linked to that merchant’s Web site. Now, while they will still be linked to the merchant’s site, they will go through a different checkout process integrated with Google if they choose GBuy for their transaction. Details of the service could still change before Google’s official GBuy announcement.

The expected arrival of GBuy presages a shake-up in the online-payments market. Until now, consumers have only had payment options such as PayPal, which lets consumers pay using their credit card or a bank-account transfer without disclosing their account information to the merchant or individual receiving the payment. Consumers have also been able to use online checks and online credit options, such as Bill Me Later. Bill Me Later allows consumers to pay for purchases without disclosing their credit-card number, instead disclosing pieces of personal information that lets the company match up the person’s identity with their credit information.

Chris Mario, a Damascus, Md., resident, says he would 100% use Google payments because he likes the company’s technology. He says he uses PayPal now but would prefer using an independent third-party payment service when making some online purchases, as opposed to the PayPal unit of eBay, which runs auction and other e-commerce Web sites.

Though PayPal has more than 100 million users, it faces maturing growth and is now trying to expand its market from its payments business related to eBay purchases. A PayPal spokeswoman says the company doesn’t comment on rivals’ services and has managed to thrive despite strong competition.

At the same time, Google’s new payment service will be a test as to whether the company can be hugely successful outside its core search-technology market.

A Google spokesman notes that billing and payments have been part of the company’s services for some time and can be used in conjunction with several products now.

Google plans to charge merchants a 2.2% commission on a sale, plus 30 cents per transaction using its payment service, according to people briefed on Google’s pricing. That is higher than Pay-Pal’s lowest published rate of a 1.9% commission plus 30 cents per transaction.

Google’s rate doesn’t include the discount pricing that the company will give to merchants participating in its AdWords advertising program, according to these people. Merchants who spend money on Google’s ad program could get the cost of payment processing through Google dropped to nothing, these people said.


인텔에서 dual-core Xeon Processor 5100 series (코드명: 우드크레스트) 발표

Intel Corporation on Monday formally took the wraps off its dual-core Xeon Processor 5100 series of high-volume server and workstation chips, previously codenamed Woodcrest.

The world’s largest chip maker said the new chips deliver up to 135 percent performance improvements and up to 40 percent reduction in energy consumption over previous Intel server products.

They’re the first processors to take advantage of the company’s new Core microarchitecture, a power-sensitive blueprint design that also includes several innovations to improve performance. Two other Core-based chips designed for desktops (Conroe) and notebooks (Merom) will make their debut in July and August, respectively.

Intel will initially ship the Xeon 5100 series at speeds of up to 3.0GHz, the company said, which will pack a faster 1333MHz front side bus and 4 megabytes of shared L2 cache.

The 65-nanometer chips are drop-in compatible as part of Intel’s Bensley Platform, which introduces faster and more reliable memory technology called FB-DIMMs, Intel Virtualization Technology, Intel Active Server Manager and Intel I/O Acceleration Technology.

Simply put, the Core microarchitecture is a technical marvel that is driving a new era of power efficiency without compromising on what can only be described as eye-popping dual-core 64-bit performance, said Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group.

The top-of-the-line 3.0GHz Xeon 5100 will ship with a thermal design point (TDP) of 80 watts with all others models rated at 65W. In the third quarter, Intel plans an even lower voltage version at 2.33 GHz with a TDP of just 40 watts.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company expects the Xeon 5100 family of processors to be the fastest-ramping product in its corporate history, and has set pricing for the chips from $209 to $851 in 1,000-unit quantities, depending on features.

Intel, which has been losing ground to rival AMD in the server market, hopes the new line of low-power chips will stop the bleeding and help it regain lost market share.

The chips are also likely contenders to power a revamped line of Apple Xserve computers and possibly find their way into the Mac maker’s professional line of Mac Pro desktops, due out by August.

Intel had previously said that it will introduce a 3.2GHz version of Woodcrest later in the year.


죽기전에 가봐야 할 1000곳

“지구상에 가볼 만한 모든 곳을 소개하는 한 권의 책이 드디어 나왔다!” – 뉴스위크

죽기전에 가봐야 할 1000곳

천혜의 절경을 자랑하는 세계의 주요 국립공원, 세계적인 역사 유적, 호화로운 궁전을 개조한 특급 호텔, 완벽한 시설을 구비한 리조트뿐만 아니라 사막 가운데 있는 베르베르 족의 천막이나 안데스 산맥의 고산 마을, 알려지지 않은 외딴 섬까지 세계적인 여행지 1,000곳을 엄선하여 소개하는 책.

각 장소에 관해 평균 한 페이지 정도의 짧은 지면을 할애하면서도, 주제별 여행지 포인트와 방문 적기, 가는 방법과 비용 등 짜임새 있는 실질 정보들을 다룬다.

7년의 준비기간을 거쳐 완성된 이 책은 출간 이래 미국 내 120여 매체로부터 집중 소개되었으며, 현재 영어판이 200만 부 팔리고 전 세계 20개 언어로 번역되는 등 여행서의 전무후무한 베스트셀러로 사랑받는 책이다.

편집자의 뒷 이야기

죽기 전에 끝낼 수 있을까 싶었던 책. 번역 8명, 편집(교정포함) 4명, 디자인(수정포함) 3명이 매달린 끝에 완성된 1128쪽. 일정상 스페셜 인덱스 등 예정된 몇 가지를 포기하지 않았다면 아마 1200쪽은 족히 되었을 것이다.
다들 은근히 ‘이거 꼭 해야 하나, 하긴 해야 하는데, 안 하면 안 되나… 생각만 해도 끔찍…’ 등의 생각을 속으로만 품은 채 2년.. 역자들의 중도 포기에서 시작된 난관은 제본 방식에 대한 숙제, 종이 수급 지연, 인쇄 사고와 지연 등 마지막 순간까지 이어지고..
그런데 예스24, 인터파크 등에서 여행분야 베스트셀러 1위이다. 물론 여행분야에 한정된 것이긴 하지만…